Accessibility: Have You Planned? Do You Know?

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The ADA: Questions and Answers

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Not otherwise qualified.

Cannot meet instructional outcomes without reasonable accommodations. (Accessibility department will determine)



The ADA: Questions and Answers


White Paper: Sections 508 and 504: Closed Captioning & Web Accessibility Requirements


White Paper: How the ADA Impacts Online Video Accessibility


Closed Captioning Requirements


Accommodation Request Form Link


BTC Faculty Handbook on Accessibility


Dr. Dzyban’s Sheet


BTC Accessibility Resources Page


Disability Resources: University of WA


Disability Resources: Columbia Basin Community College


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Hello Publisher Representatives!


Before telling me about your textbook options, please know that I am committed to ensuring the accessibility of my course materials for all students, including those with disabilities, and I need you to be able to answer the following questions about your product:


Are you e-books compatible with screen-readers like JAWS?


If there is a study website or online component, is is fully accessible?


Are videos captioned and audio recordings transcribed?


Can all of the text that is displayed on the screen be read aloud by text-to-speech software?


Can all interactivity (media players, quizzes, flashcards, etc.) be completed by keyboard alone (no mouse required)?


Is there documentation available (VPAT or White Paper for example) that confirms accessibility or usability testing results?


Can students with dial-up internet quickly download the resources?


Do online images or test bank graphics come with alternative text descriptions?

Did you know? In accordance with the regulations of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), institutions of higher education are expected to adhere to accessibility standards and principles when designing, adopting and procuring educational materials and resources for the delivery of course curricula. This includes, but is not limited to, the following: E-books, coursepacks, e-learning platforms, interactive and instructive on-line learning management systems, audio-visual and multi-media.